Because Tae Kwon Do is a Korean art, many of the commands heard during training are Korean. As such, it is important that students familiarise themselves with the relevant terminology so that communication with the instructor is maintained at all times.


The following is a list of the twenty-four most-used terms during training. The Korean has been spelt phonetically so that students can easily recognise what they have heard in class.
  KOREAN                    ENGLISH


Hena                            One

Dool                             Two

Set                               Three

Net                               Four

Da Sot                          Five

Ya Sot                          Six

Il Kop                           Seven

Yow Dol                       Eight

Ah Hop                        Nine

Yol                                Ten

Chariot                         Attention

Kyung Yeh                   Bow

Joon Bi                        Ready

Kuman                         Finish

Sheoh                          Relax

Si Jak                           Begin

Jeja                              Student

Sabum Nim                  Instructor

Dobok                          Uniform

Ku Ryung Mat Choh    Counting By Numbers

Ku Ryung Up See       In Your Own time

Diro Drot                      About Face

Kum Sa Hap Ni Da      Thank You
Unyong                         Hello (informal)